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We are the manufacturer and exporter of ostrich and Goat skins. We have crust and finished skins for sale at the lowest price. 
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 The Brazilian tanning industry has been demonstrating its commitment to business sustainable management. The industry is continuously motivated to fine-tune its sustainability tools and strategies for the improvement of its activities.
The evolution achieved over the years in the application of these concepts can be seen along the production chain and is recognised internationally. Brazil is one of the countries with the highest number of tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group, a multi-stakeholder group aimed at the development of best environmental practises and a protocol to assess the performance of the certified tanneries. Not forgetting to mention that most of the certified plants in Brazil have very good grades for traceability, a challenge for other countries around the world which have difficulties in achieving the same success.
The sector is continuously improving its environmental performance in areas such water consumption, management, treatment of wastewater effluents, emission reduction, raw materials traceability and waste disposal among others.
"With these initiatives, we want to ensure greater transparency of our businesses and encourage our partners to expand and enhance their responsibility to society", says José Fernando Bello, executive president of the Centre for the Brazilian Tannery (CICB). "These actions will certainly bring more credibility and strength to the entire sector, with positive effects on the industry, the environment, and the public. Brazil is a land of great opportunity, ready to take its place as a global leader and high-technology hot spot for innovation and investment", he concludes.
CICB is the organiser of the CICB Sustainability Forum. The event takes place once a year, getting together some of the greatest specialists in the enviromental, social and economic issues of the leather sector worldwide. In 2013, full registration and professionals from different countries and sectors, composed the second edition of the event. More than 600 people attended the panels presented by some of the greatest experts in the world on current and innovative themes within the sustainability tripod. 
A notable audience - with massive attendance and very active participation - the meeting demonstrated the wide interest and concern of the leather and footwear industry related to sustainability issues. Its interdisciplinary format has motivated the debate and brought together numerous experiences within a topic that gathers the economic, social and environmental pillars.

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Feb 01-Feb 20

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1. Why is sustainability a top priority for Akzo Nobel and how do you ensure it's at the heart of the leather production process? 
Sustainability is integral to everything we do at AkzoNobel. It is integrated into every part of our business, from our own operations to the products we deliver. The world needs sustainable solutions so this approach makes sense for us as a business. By doing more with less, we can help tackle the most important issues our customers are facing. The world needs sustainable solutions which presents us with an important business growth opportunity. The driving force behind our innovation work at AkzoNobel is delivering products that enable our customers to do more with less. Our DeMythe LDD technology will deliver great positive impact to our customers in the leather industry, from the fewest resources, across the value chain.

2. There are many benefits to DeMythe technology, but can you specifically detail how it helps to reduce waste (both water and chemical) and improve working conditions?
The use of DeMythe LDD technology directly addresses two of the major environmental impacts of the leather industry:

  • . The use of salt in preservation, which means a solution for one or more difficult and expensive wastewater treatments, as all this salt contained in raw hides must be removed and mainly released to the effluent water.
  • . The heavy COD/BOD load in the effluent wastewater of the beamhouse step or leather processing, given by the use of surfactants, solvents and the natural fat removed from skins that are released as well to the wastewater.
  • . The use of DeMythe LDD technology means no use of water and chemicals in both processes. This is not only to prevent the use of harmful products (solvents) but to avoid as well expenses in other kinds of chemicals:
  • - Salt is not expensive itself, but means a high cost for water treatment.
  • - Nonionic surfactants, now mainly used, are not fixed in the skins and thus, finally released. High cost of product and of its treatment as well.
  • - Valorisation of the now unusually high grade fat obtained from the skins for high value (including food purpose) uses.
  • -Valorisation of trimmings of raw hides and skins, free of salt and other chemicals.

3. How long will it take for tanneries to see substantial cost savings using DeMythe?
They will benefit from the described benefits immediately with the implementation of DeMythe LDD technology. 

4. What does the leather industry need to prioritise when it comes to treating hides in a more environmentally responsible way?
There are several criteria to be used for prioritising the investment and innovation fields in which to act, but the most reasonable seem to be according to the ratio of environmental benefit (the impacts addressed by DeMythe LDD are clearly amongst the previously defined as most urgent) and positive economical impact. Hurdles and more accommodative approaches such us low investment, use of same existing equipment or steading in a comfort area of process knowledge should not be the making decision keys to go ahead for a goal tending to zero emission process.

5. What will be the consequence if processing of hides continues the way it is going now?
The continuation of the current situation can lead in future to a dead end. The leather industry is moving progressively to countries more permissive with environmental impacts but, after a certain time, these countries will also increase the normative pressure on the industries to reduce their footprint. We are currently very close to this situation and there is a growing awareness of not moving the problem anywhere else, but to solve it as a real answer to the challenge. That means there is no way to disregard the technological progresses in leather processing, as with DeMythe LDD.

6. What responsibility does a big company like Akzo Nobel have in terms of changing not just methods of operations in leather processing around the world, but overall attitudes to the bigger picture of environmental impact for years to come?
Everything we do is underpinned by a commitment to sustainability - reducing the impact of our operations and products on the planet and helping our customers reduce theirs. We already source 33% of our energy from renewable sources and are increasing this. We are committed to reducing total waste and eliminating hazardous waste from landfill and aim to ensure fresh water management is in place at all of our manufacturing sites by 2015. Our products and technology are designed to help our customers do more with fewer resources. We strongly focus our RD&I on eco-premium solutions which bring benefits to our customers. DeMythe LDD is an example of a sustainable customer solution in degreasing and dehydration of animal skins for the leather and protein industry. Another example is Ecosel mTA Salt which enables our customers in the chemical transformation sector to become more energy efficient.


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                                                                                               According to luxury group Salvatore Ferragamo chief executive Michele Norsa, travelling Chinese shoppers buying leather goods will boost sales growth in 2014. Norsa said the group met expectations at the close of 2013, but that it was imperative to wait until Chinese new year on January 31 to make forecasts for the year.
"Travelling keeps being a strong driver of growth," Norsa said.
Chinese luxury consumers make up nearly a third of the market and are increasingly shopping abroad due in part to easier visa procedures in the US and European, according to consultancy Bain & Co.
"Shoes are our core category and in fact a shoe is not a gift, shoes are something you buy for yourself," Norsa continued.
Originally a women's footwear maker established in Florence in 1927, the group reported net profit up 61% in the first nine months of 2013.  

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